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The long design know-how and the Wiper System will protect your machine from the inflow of various non-product, dust, and coolant.

Flat Slope.png

Characteristics of TELESCOPIC COVER

  • Suitable for medium and large machines.

  • Excellent durability: extended machine life.

  • Excellent load-proof ness: ensuring workspace, protecting workers.

  • Making various shapes according to the characteristics and kinds of machines and the shape of the bed (X, Y, Z axis integral cover can be produced).

  • Beautiful appearance.

  • Insert a link to minimize noise generated during operation.

  • Compatibility with machine parts and maintaining unity.

APPLICATION of Telescopic Cover


  • Horizontal and vertical machining centers.

  • Horizontal and vertical CNC lathe and CNC engraving machine.

  • Grinding machine.

  • Milling machines and large Plano millers.

  • Boring machine.

  • Facing machining.

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