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Walking Under Gas Pipes

Japan LUBE TECH imports and distributes domestic GS Caltex products and distributes various industrial lubricants to domestic market.

Handling ITEM

Hydraulic oil

  It is an abrasion-resistant hydraulic oil that can be used in hydraulic devices of heavy equipment, vehicle hydraulics, and industrial machinery requiring extreme pressure performance by adding anti-wear additives to prevent damage to hydraulic components and maintain smooth operation.


Gear oil

  It is a gear oil specially designed for good cushioning action against abrasion, good adhesion, excellent adhesion and impact load.



  It is an oil that provides cooling and lubrication functions to reduce wear and abrasion between tool and material during metal processing, and to improve tool life, surface roughness and machining accuracy.


Process oil

  It is an oil that helps to maintain the deformed state by changing the shape by applying physical force at high temperature or room temperature.


Washing oil

  It is an emulsion used to remove contaminants (processed oil, foreign substances) generated or used in metal processing process. It is used to chemically / physically remove contaminants (cutting oil, wax, grease) It is the oil that I use for the work of making.


Drawing oil

  It is an oil used to prevent adhesion and wear of material and dice when drawing metal materials and to improve the finish surface. Coolness and oiliness are important.

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